Automatic Aluminium Foil Container Making Machine-Single Cavity

GROW INDIA, a world renowned expert in the manufacture and Trader of Aluminum Foil Containers Die / Mould/ Tools has developed its own systems of manufacturing Round or whether Rectangular, large or small round, multiple – out dies to single – out large shape configurations. These dies and tools can run well in excess of 60 to 70 per minute.

  • Geometrical Accuracy.
  • Superior Tool Steel.
  • Effective operating.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Latest Technology – by using same die, processing of foil of thickness as low as 35 Mic. Up to 100 Mic.

This is a new Economy model especially for Indian market at affordable price plus die cost extra as applicable. This machine can produce all types of foil containers available or the fast moving items in India.

We transfer know how, we sell the best quality we guarantee assistance, training, start up, maintenance and remote control. We help companies to have more profitable business.

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