Double Line Fully Automatic Non Woven Mask Making Machine

It consists of a main machine (mask molding machine) and two ear belt welding machines (outer ear belt), connected by a two-point transmission line. It can finish the automatic production process of feeding, folding, pressing and forming, slittng, ear belt welding and cutting. Personnel requirements: 2 operators

Support mask production type: flat non woven mask 3/4 layers
Power: 11KW
Equipment adjustment: need 1-2 days and we provide online support
Warranty: 12 months

  • The wholemachine adopts aluminumalloy structure, more beautiful and firm.
  • High stability
  • Two output lines, high production Full automatic outer ear spot welding machine can produce mask sheet and outer ear spot welding part at the same time, which can save labor. Once the non woven material is used up in the production process, the machine can stop automatically
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