4 color Flexo Printing Machine GI -850

  • Adopt the anilox roller to spread ink.
  • Unwinding tension is controlled by automatic tension controller from Japan Mitsubishi.
  • Each printing unit adopt 360°for registration.
  • Each printing unit have one IR dryer.
  • The rubber roller can break away automatically while parking, and run at a low speed in order to avoid ink being dry.
  • The main motor is adopted the import stepless regulation of frequency conversion.
  • Unwinding, web guiding, printing, IR drying and rewinding can be finished in one process. This is an ideal machine for printing factory to print many kinds of paper cup.
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Web width : 500mm
Max.bag making length: 850mm
Print width: 840mm
Unwind Diameter max: 1000mm
Rewind Diameter max: 1000mm
Press Speed max (Production speed depending on process, job etc.): 70m/min
Gear Pitch: 1/8” (3.175mm)
Flexo Print Units (UV dryer): 4
Min.Max repeat (Print Cylinder): 10" - 22.5"
Web Guiding: Number 1
Corona treatment: Number 1 (for doube PE coated paper)
Overprint precision: ±0.15mm
Dimensions: 33600*1820*2350mm
Weight: 5000kg
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