Semi Auto Pet Jar Blowing Machine

We are the manufacturers & Supplier of… 1) Pet Blowing Machines (from 50ml to 20Ltrs capacity) in various types like SEMI AUTO, AUTO DROP & FULLY AUTO machines etc…! 2) Injection Moulding Machines (from 100 to 300 tons capacity) in fully Auto System & 3) PET Air Compressors (15HP & 20HP) will use for Pet Blowing Machines.

The Whole Machine is built with MS Tubes (frame), Sheets (Doors), MS Plates & HCP bars (Blowing Section). 80% of machine is equipped by own manufactured components including Cylinders. The Machine unit is constructed as two parts i.e. Conveyor unit & blowing unit.

The Preforms will load into machine by hand & moved into the conveyor to heat, heating section will heats the perform and will come out. Heated preform will load into the mould by hand and finished bottles will drop automatically.

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Machine Size (L x W x H): 6.5 ft. x 4.5 ft. x 5 ft. (machine & conveyor)
Place required(Approx): 10fts x 10fts place (For machine)
30fts X 30fts place (For whole plant)
Machine Weight: 1.2 Tons (Approx.) (Machine & Conveyor)
Air Compressor Weight: 0.9 Tons (Approx)
Chiller Weight: 0.3 Tons (Approx)
Power: 3-Phase 415 volts required
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