Bio Plast Carrybag Making Machine

  • Screw barrel is made from 41B material gas nitrating for long life.
    50mm OD grooved feed designed for high melting, high production & more shinning.
    High L D Ratio 1:28 for high melting.
  • Heavy duty long life 160 CD helical gearbox with inbuilt thrust hosing.
  • 10 HP ISO makes drive by Variable AC frequency drive. For easy running, low wastage, maximum extrusion production per size.
  • Heatproof for low power consumption with cooling on barrel.
  • Leak proof Candle type & extend replacement period.
  • Spiral type 75mm hardcrome plated for accurate martial distribution & high clarity.
  • Width of layflat film 6" to 20" maximum.
  • Extrusion Output 40 Kg / Hour Maximum .Output vary As per size, gauge & processing material.
  • 26" rubber and hardcrome plated steel makes roller set for rustproof and with pneumatic system For easy running.
  • 1 HP maintenance free ITALIAN CE certified geared motor with variable AC frequency drive.
  • Suitable for 26" lay flat film advanced designed for High bubble stability.
  • Low friction bakelite makes for smooth & wrinkle free film.
  • Cast aluminum make Advanced designed Adjustable double lip gap for equal distribution of air around the blown tube For high stability, low air variation result low gauge variation as per higher standards.
  • Single drum surface type with torque motor & its digital controls for better tight winding and up to 125kg of rolls with Additional helping nip rollers and side slit blade.
  • 3 HP low noises, well balanced centrifugal blower for high cooling effects.
  • 6 zone Digital PID controls for accurate heat controlling, all energy regulators and contactors Are of ISO standards
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