Non Woven Bag Offset Printing Machine

This is a fully automatic machine which involves no labour. Machine takes the paper automatically and gives the finished product itself. In this machine there are two working stations. We can use different sizes of moulds on both the stations.

  • Machine speed: 7000 s.p.h
  • Maximum sheet size: 620 X 450mm
  • Minimum sheet size: 260X180mm
  • Sheet thickness: 45~300gsm
  • Maximum image area: 605X430mm
  • Plate size: 620X485X0.15mm
  • Blanket size: 616X505X1.95mm
  • Ink roller: 14pieces(3 ink form rollers)
  • Water roller: 5pieces(2 water form rollers)
  • Total power: 3.3KW
  • Paper feed mode: Suction cross feed
  • Register device: Wheel-type side pull guide
  • Moistening mode: Water
  • Power supply: 220V/50HZ
  • Maximum feeder pile height: 500mm
  • Maximum delivery pile height: 500mm
  • Machine overall dimension: 4.6*1.18*1.6m
  • Gross weight: 2800KG
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